Sizing Help

Choosing the right model

We always recommend measuring your hearing aid and following our sizing chart. 

For hearing aids up to 1": Ear Gear Micro
For hearing aids between 1" - 1.25": Ear Gear Mini
For hearing aids between 1.25" - 2": Ear Gear Original
For hearing aids between 2" - 3": Ear Gear FM

For Cochlear BTE processors from Cochlear, Advanced Bionics, and Medel: Ear Gear Cochlear
For the Coil magnet of the Cochlear implant: Ear Gear Coil
For Rondo and Kanso processors: Ear Gear Rondo
For Baha type processors: Ear Gear Baha
For ITE style hearing aids: Ear Gear ITE

For additional help, check out our sizing wizard, or our fit list.

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