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1. Ear Gear shortens your sales cycle

Our research shows us that Hearing Professionals who provide Ear Gear to their clients sell on average 10% more hearing instruments.

How many hearing instruments do you sell on average in a month?


By shortening your sales cycle, you can expect a $3000* increase in monthly hearing aid sales. 

2. Ear Gear Reduces service appointments

Our research has shown us that Ear Gear reduces service appointments by approximately 50%.

How many hours do you average on service appointments each month?


By using Ear Gear to cut your service appointments in half, this works out to additional ancillary revenue of $750* per month.

Total Estimated New Revenue: $4275

 How did we arrive at these numbers?

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Kelly Overcasher, Au.D., an Ear Gear Provider

I have been recommending Ear Gear to my patients for several years now. Patients of mine who work in construction fields or have hobbies that are extremely dusty/dirty, such as woodworking, are currently using Ear Gear on their hearing aids. I have found a reduction in the amount of repairs due to debris and/or sweat or oil. Several of my patients have themselves seen that by having the Ear Gear on, they are noticing that the sound of the hearing aids continues to be good, instead of losing their sound quality after working in their dirty environments. Because of their own observations, I have had several patients purchase a second or replacement set of their Ear Gear."

Kelly Overcasher, Au.D.

Ohio, USA

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I work with folks that have multiple types of challenges in addition to hearing issues. I consistently refer clients and/or their case managers to Ear Gear for care and retention solutions that never fail. Thousands of dollars are saved when hearing aids are not lost or damaged so frequently! I use Ear Gear myself, and I believe it is directly responsible for my hearing aids lasting nearly 10 years. Your products are wonderful!  "

AJ Brant,

Registered Nurse, Indianapolis, IN, USA

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AJ Brant, an Ear Gear Provider
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