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"Ear Gear is sleek and so comfortable!  I wear my hearing aids to Zumba and kickboxing without any issues and they work perfectly!"
--Chris Davies, Florida, USA

"I love my Ear Gear! It allows me to continue to do competitive cheer and dance. Without Ear Gear, I wouldn't be able to wear my hearing aids while I practice. "
--Emily Brien, Pennsylvania, USA


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Ear Gear for Hearing Aids

For hearing aids less than 1 in:

For hearing aids between 1 in and 1.25 in:

For hearing aids between 1.25 in and 2 in:

For hearing aids between 2 in and 3 in:

Ear Gear for Implants

Fits various Cochlear and Advanced Bionics, Oticon Medical and Medel Processors between 2 - 3 inches

Fits the coil on various Cochlear and Advanced Bionics Oticon Medical and Medel Processors

Fits Medel's Rondo and Cochlear's Kanso Processors

Fits most models of Bone Conduction Processors up to 1.25 inches

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