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In this past year, many of our patients are trying to be more active in the outdoors due to indoor covid restrictions. When patients have asked us how to ensure they don't lose their hearing aids when they are out enjoying the great outdoors, we have recommended Ear Gear. The patients that have used it have had great success with using them while hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter as just two examples. Now I can encourage them to be active while wearing their hearing aids even in the outdoors. It puts their minds at ease and I like being able to offer inexpensive and smart solutions to our patients to protect their hearing aids from loss and damage. We want them to be able to wear their hearing aids and enjoy all the sounds of the outdoors without worry.

Carrie Scarff

Audiology Innovations Ltd.

I have been using Ear Gear for years now! In Ohio the humidity is very high and it really helps protect my patients aids, against dirt, sweat, skin oil!

Diane Perkins


I work with folks that have multiple types of challenges in addition to hearing issues. I consistently refer clients and/or their case managers to Ear Gear for care and retention solutions that never fail. Thousands of dollars are saved when hearing aids are not lost or damaged so frequently! I use Ear Gear myself, and I believe it is directly responsible for my hearing aids lasting nearly 10 years. Your products are wonderful!  

AJ Brant,

Registered Nurse, Indianapolis, IN, USA

I have been recommending Ear Gear to my patients for several years now. Patients of mine who work in construction fields or have hobbies that are extremely dusty/dirty, such as woodworking, are currently using Ear Gear on their hearing aids. I have found a reduction in the amount of repairs due to debris and/or sweat or oil. Several of my patients have themselves seen that by having the Ear Gear on, they are noticing that the sound of the hearing aids continues to be good, instead of losing their sound quality after working in their dirty environments. Because of their own observations, I have had several patients purchase a second or replacement set of their Ear Gear.

Kelly Overcasher, Au.D.

Ohio, USA

I am a huge fan of Ear Gear! I've used Ear Gear products both professionally and personally, as I'm a hard of hearing audiologist. Having the option to protect hearing aids and cochlear implants from sweat and dust is very important for anyone who has an active lifestyle. This combined with the use of a drying system can reduce most if not all repair issues related to moisture build-up. I also use Ear Gear when device loss is a concern. I myself, a newly fit cochlear implant user, have big concerns about losing my implant when I'm outside. I use the Ear Gear corded cochlear implant option and clip it to my clothing any time I'm doing large lawn care projects or taking part in a fitness challenge (like a bike trip or kayak trip). Knowing that the Ear Gear will not only keep the dirt and sweat off my devices but also keep them from falling off my head is a big win! Ear Gear covers offer a way to change the color of the hearing devices. I have had patients change their hair color and want their hearing aids to match and we can do that with the wide range of color options Ear Gear provides. I've also had patients opt to wear a more fun color, looking to jazz up their hearing devices, and Ear Gear's Lipstick Pink or Royal Blue offer a fun alternative. In addition to the wide range of products Ear Gear markets, Ear Gear also tailors custom products when requested. I've ordered a custom cover for an FM transmitter and it worked perfectly. They are a great company both from the customer service side and the product side!

Suzanne Yoder

HearWell Center, Pittsburgh, PA

I've got a football coach as a patient, who spends a lot of time on a very windy field. The new hearing aids he purchased could only do so much with the wind noise. Ear Gear solved the issue for him by reducing the wind effect to a point that the hearing aids could easily make up the difference. An added bonus was the sweat protection! EarGear saved this sale for me and in fact, has saved several other sales for me. I keep them in stock in my office and throwing in a pair has closed a number of sales. You are missing out if you have never tried Ear Gear!

Mark Butler

Director of Hearing Healthcare, Nevada, USA

We love Ear Gear for littles! I work with some sweaty little boys after recess... Ear Gear keeps their equipment protected and dry. The clips are a lifesaver for wiggly children, too. Thank you, Ear Gear!

Michelle Shaffer

Itinerant Teacher of Deaf/HoH, Texas, USA

I have been an audiologist for 20 years. There have been patients in my career who have had terrible moisture problems with hearing aids that even a Dry and Store can’t help. When I encounter those patients, I recommend Ear Gear for their hearing devices. Ear Gear has helped maintain the life and function of many hearing aids that would otherwise have been at the manufacturer for constant repair. They last forever and are washable. They do not adversely affect the sound quality of the instrument and keep the sweat and moisture out of the microphones and battery compartments. I can not say enough about how it has helped to be able to offer this to my patients when nothing else seems to help.

Tiffany Ahlberg

Ahlberg Audiology & Hearing Aid Services, Cleveland, TN

We just started carrying Ear Gear products at our practice. The results have been great! One patient who works in a garage was in the office with problems caused by dirt under his microphone covers on a regular basis. Since he purchased Ear Gear protection for his aids, he is no longer having problems. He was recently in our office & said he wished he had Ear Gear when he first got his aids. Another patient who works outside making deliveries always had moisture issues and would have to take his aids off. With Ear Gear, our patient is able to wear his aids even on the hottest summer days! Thank you for allowing us to improve the services we provide our patients.

Farrah Rose, H.I.S.

Advanced Tech Hearing Aid Centers, Lewisburg, PA

Ear Gear has helped many patients over the years to protect their devices and investment! From younger children playing outside, to adults working outside in the elements, to families needing security that the devices will not be lost, Ear Gear is a great option!!

Alexandra Tarvin

Elevate Audiology, Easley, SC

Ear Gear is a fantastic company! Their customer service is bar none, always pleasant and accommodating when we call and have a question. Their products are wonderful. Ear Gear has truly extended the life of so many hearing aids that would have typically been in for repair!

Lynda Wayne

Cadence Hearing Services, LLCLanghorne, PA

Eugene, Oregon is Track Town USA. There are more runners here per capita than anywhere in the world, including older runners, many of whom are wearing hearing aids. When you run, you sweat, regardless of the outdoor temperature. My runner/patients and I are very happy to be able to wear our aids without worry while running, thanks to Ear Gear!

Arnie Goodman, Goodman Hearing

Eugene, OR

With the availability of Ear Gear in my country (Singapore), my patients are able to keep active (exercising) without having to compromise on the audiblility and comfort of their hearing aids. There is almost zero maintenance - require washing and normal drying. The options of having cordless or corded tailor to the needs of my patients accordingly. Additionally, I love the colours Ear Gear offers - nude/black for the conservatives, the army prints for the patriotic, red and blue (very audiology-ish)!

Ying Pei Soo

YP Soo, Singapore

I love Ear Gear! A lot of my clients wear them with a cord so they don't lose them. The care home also won't lose them and they know who they belong to!

Cherie Fowlie

Hearing Practitioner, Osoyoos, BC Canada

Our office has been using Ear Gear for many years and we have seen how well this product works. For anyone with moisture issues, or even anyone who just wants maximum hearing protection, Ear Gear is the solution. It does a great job at preventing damage to the instruments and as a result, increases hearing aid life expectancy. Our office and our patients are thankful for Ear Gear because it works!

David Flynn

Associates In Hearing, Lansdale, PA, USA

Ear Gear allows our patients to do what they love, without having to worry about their hearing aids.

Amy Thomas

Beltone, Virginia Beach, VA

We love EarGear! It allows our patients to enjoy life without worrying about moisture, debris or losing them. Many never take them off."

Tamara Hill

American Hearing Aid Center, Oklahoma City, OK

We recommend Ear Gear to all our patients, especially those that work out in the great outdoors. We let the patients know you invested this much in your hearing you should protect your devices also. I own Ear Gear and wear them when I am outside gardening or mowing my 10 acres. I encounter many tree branches and brush, so I purchased Ear Gear with a clip and it has saved me from losing my devices. So what are you waiting for? Help your patients to hear better again and protect what they own!  

Chris Poehlitz

Avada Hearing Center, NC, USA

Working with the pediatric population, Ear Gear is always coming in handy! I recommend Ear Gear for retention with my younger patients, and for protection from dirt and sweat with my older kids. If you are a parent, or have any children in your life, you will understand how easy hearing aids can get lost or damaged. Ear Gear is a great way to keep hearing aids safe and secure from little hands and all the dirt that follows them! I have seen a big reduction in repair rates with my older active kids that are constantly sweating and getting into messes. When a hearing aid is damaged by moisture or dirt, it has to be sent in for repair and the child can be without sound for days to weeks. By using Ear Gear to protect the hearing aid, the child is able to continue having access to sound without interruption.

Madison Mitchell

Pediatric Audiologist, Little Rock, Arkansas

I provide Ear Gear at my office and I am always recommending them. I have many, many patients that use them and they honestly make such a huge difference. I rarely send the aids that have the Ear Gear in for repair. In the summer heat and humidity they are a must!!!!

Diane Perkins, HIS

St Clairesville, OH

I recommend Ear Gear to every patient who is concerned about moisture and/or loss - adult or child. I really appreciate all the size, color, and cord options, particularly the micro size for all the smaller sized RICs these days. The fit is great and the cord hangs nicely so there's less tangling with eyeglasses and their cords. Patients feel more at ease when they are using Ear Gear and that improves their hearing aid experience.

Chris Hoffmann

Audiologist, Irvine, CA

Having Ear Gear in our office has helped clients keep their hearing aids safe while doing the activities they love throughout their day. Our age demographic ranges from 18-100+, and Ear Gear suits every age and activity. We recommend Ear Gear products to help our clients with protection for their hearing aids to ensure they get the most out of their instrument! We are thankful to have them included in our practice!  

Colleen McGarrity

NB, Canada

A patient of ours had nearly weekly visits with complaints of poor clarity in his hearing aids. He works in the construction field, and his microphones were constantly getting occluded with dust and debris, preventing him from hearing clearly. Once we added Ear Gear hearing aid covers to his hearing aids, he is hearing much clearer and his visits are much less frequent, making our patient happier... as well as making us happier! Thanks to Ear Gear our frustrations were resolved!  

Jill True

Hearing Healthcare Centers, CO, USA

Recently I had a couple of younger male patients who were having trouble with their hearing aids cutting out. For one, it was when he was outside working in the heat. For the other, it was when he was hunting. Both patients purchased Ear Gear and haven't had a problem with their hearing aids cutting out since then. They were also pleasantly surprised by the reduced wind noise when wearing the Ear Gear, and my hunter loved the camo colors!

Dusty Jensen

Columbine Hearing Care, CO, USA

As a hearing instrument specialist, I routinely have patients along extremes along the spectrum of activity levels. No matter what the activity level is, whether it’s the patient with the wind noise on the golf course, or their hair brushing against the microphones throughout the day, or perhaps the patient with extra sweat and moisture from the physical job demands, there’s an Ear Gear product that can help them. I often present them as a nice way to add value to your hearing aids due to the low cost with such a high gain from usage. Patients have a wide selection of color options and Ear Gear is easy to install and maintain. The Ear Gear staff is very diligent and efficient, and my patients have been consistently satisfied with the ordering process and the product itself!

David Frazier

Liberty Hearing Aids, IL, USA

We recommend Ear Gear for all of our customers. Especially here in the Midwest we have farmers and sportsmen and women who all need to protect their hearing aids from moisture and dust. No one wants to deliver the bad news that their hearing aids have failed due to moisture and it could have been prevented. I also have been told by a few customers that Ear Gear reduces wind noise. The Customer Service at Ear Gear have also been super supportive and helpful and they have been a pleasure to talk to!  

Mary Kay Soesbe

Hearing Help Express, 142 W Lincoln Highway, Dekalb, IL, USA

As a Hearing Professional I know the importance of protecting your hearing aids from the elements!  And that is why I have used Ear Gear in my offices for the last 9 years. I have 3 offices in Ann Arbor, Jackson and Adrian, Michigan and see a lot of patients who work in factories and the like. Ear Gear has been essential in keeping the oils and dirt found in those locations from getting in the hearing aids. I also have found Ear Gear to be beneficial to my active patients and just for security and peace of mind!!  

Amanda Luce

Zounds, MI USA

As an educational audiologist, Ear Gear has been a wonderful resource.  While I am sure parents love Ear Gear for the peace of mind that their child's hearing aids won't get lost, I have used Ear Gear products for a variety of reasons, including keeping perspiration from getting in between the child's hearing aid and universal FM receiver thereby preventing a very annoying buzzing sound (for personal FM system use), minimizing young children from playing with their hearing aids (one student kept opening the battery door and turning his aids off), and for retention purposes for young children who wear glasses and hearing aids, and have problems with the hearing aids staying on.  Thank you to Ear Gear for coming up with these solutions which make my job easier!  

Christine Wiedmeyer

Educational Audiologist, Appleton, WI, USA

At our Zounds store in Glen Allen, VA, Tim and I promote our clients to use Ear Gear to protect their hearing aids. We feel that the colors are fun and help people see hearing aids as a more acceptable fashionable item. The corded style is popular with our assisted living patients and we take them with us to presentations at those facilities.

Janice Frederick

Zounds, Glen Allen VA, USA

Ear Gear has been working great for our Senior patients. We hear about lost hearing aids, on a regular basis, and corded Ear Gear has helped them keep track of them. Ear Gear means less stress and less time searching for them. Thanks Ear Gear for helping us deliver a solution to a real issue!

Dennis Gunn

Pittsburg Audiology Concepts LLC, Pittsburg, TX, USA

Like many clinicians, my patients range from active athletes, gardeners, golfers and snowbirds, to nursing home residents requiring full-time care. I was initially motivated by the long-term benefits for my patients, but quickly learned that the immediate benefits were just as great. My Ear Gear users wear their instruments MORE because they are no longer worried about losing them or damaging them with sweat and dirt! In short, they are getting more use out of their hearing instruments while protecting them in the long-term. As a clinic owner that translates into more satisfied patients and less time spent on sending out and checking repairs - what's not to love?!

Krista Campbell

Campbell Hearing, Charlottetown, PE Canada

We introduced Ear Gear to our residents to make life easier on everyone. Lost and misplaced hearing aids are a concern and Ear Gear reduces these fears. Our staff, residents and their family members all like the protection against loss Ear Gear offers. One less thing to worry about and means better communication for our residents. Thanks Ear Gear!

Ida Culver House Broadview

Betty Jean Burrowes, Seattle, WA, USA

I am the hearing specialist here at our Zounds Georgetown location. We are located in Central Texas and for a good part of the year it is hot,real hot! We noticed that at times customers were having problems with moisture getting into their hearing aids. Our hearing aids are sealed real well, but with the heat, humidity and perspiration that comes with this climate the moisture was at times still getting into the hearing instrument and causing some corrosion We started suggesting the Ear Gear to our customers who were outdoor active types, like walkers, bikers and gardeners. We noticed a huge difference in the hearing aids that had Ear Gear and those that didn't. The hearing aids with Ear Gear showed no corrosion or damage when opened up. It was such a difference that we now offer the Ear Gear to all of our clients, as a extra safety measure. The staff at Ear Gear are wonderful too, every time I have called and had to leave a message they were quick to return our calls. They are always friendly and helpful. Thank you Ear Gear!!

Karen Sebastian

Zounds Hearing, Georgetown, TX USA

Here at Aegis of Fremont we have had great response to Ear Gear. It gives our residents, and their family members peace of mind knowing Hearing Aids won’t go missing. It’s always fun for care givers helping residents to pick out the clothes or scarfs to match the color of their Ear Gear. When a family receives the Ear Gear information with the move in package, they always like the thoughtful idea which adds more confidence for them in making the right choice. Ear Gear helps our staff save time and energy too. We love Ear Gear!  

Li Li

Aegis of Fremont, Fremont, CA, USA

Ear Gear has been helping many of our Connect Hearing patients, who are active, as it reduces wind noise, protects from moisture damage, reduces chances of loss for these individuals. It's been a great target to golfers or boaters who told me they were not wearing the hearing aids in these situations but would like to, because they want to engage with their friends during these activities. Also it has been useful to families who have loved ones in homes or with special needs when they are worried about the hearing aids falling out of the ears and becoming damaged or lost. It even helped a patient of ours who had a severe reaction to the material of the BTE's, with Ear Gear on she can wear her hearing aids all the time now without the reaction.  I encourage you all to suggest it for patients who may benefit from Ear Gear.  They can have so much more success with hearing aids if they can wear them all the time.

Sarah Beaulieu

Connect Hearing, Halifax, NS Canada

Ear Gear is a great product for my patients that protects their hearing aids from damage, moisture & loss. My patients who are golfers are happy that it also significantly reduces wind noise. With the high heat and humidity in the south, sweat is an issue for many patients and Ear Gear is a great help. I have used Ear Gear to solve the problem of seniors in care facilities who tend to lose their hearing aids. Both the families and the facility management appreciate what Ear Gear does to protect the investment of their hearing aids. I love Ear Gear and so do our patients!

Jennifer Waddell

Sound Hearing Care, Simpsonville, SC USA

“I can’t say enough how much Ear Gear has benefited this practice and its patients. Not only does it serve as an additional revenue stream, but the patients love the product. We’ve only been offering Ear Gear for about a month but we already have several patients that wear the product and many more waiting for our next shipment to arrive. The best part of Ear Gear is the variety of applications it has. Whether it’s keeping the hearing aids clean and dry or used as a fashion statement, our patients love Ear Gear and we do too.”  


Zounds, Crown Point, IN USA

We’ve had experience with Ear Gear in the past and have found our patients that wear Ear Gear do have less issues. We’ve implemented Ear Gear’s programs and they do benefit our business. As a member of the AHAA group, we are pleased Ear Gear is now an approved AHAA Vender.

Cathi Ahrens-Blake

Ahrens Hearing Center, Fair Lawn, NJ USA

Ear Gear is a simple and amazing product. The best possible answer to the moisture and dirt problem of any active hearing device wearer. My patients just love Ear Gear! Several of them own more than one pair of  Ear Gear, just so they are never without the best protection for their active lifestyles.  

Tom Contento

Contentment Hearing Care, Titusville, FL USA

We recommend Ear Gear for the exceptional protection it offers against moisture, dirt and even wind. A lot of our patients are very active outdoors here in Arizona, so it's nice to have a product we feel confident will perform at a great value!  

Aaron Webb

Webb Hearing Centers, Sun City West, AZ USA

It shows our patients we care about them for the long term, and Ear Gear allows them to continue with their active lifestyle without worrying about damaging their hearing aids.

Michael Messina

Clarity Hearing Aid Solutions, The Villages, FL, USA

Third best invention next to Peanut Butter and sliced bread ! Hey Ear Gear, Thanks for creating a "life Saver" litterally for my patients. All of my Ear Gear users can't leave home without them anymore. I have seen fewer repairs, less wind noise and overall more reliability with ear gears protecting their investment.

Mike McCormick

Sounds Good Hearing, Peoria, IL USA

Here at the Center for Extended Care at Amherst we thoroughly enjoy the insurance that  "Ear Gear" provides for our residents, their families and our staff, by allowing Ear Gear protection for resident hearing instruments. We found that Ear Gear has saved us money due to not losing the hearing instrument if it should be pulled out of a resident's ear.  The colors provide for resident dignity. So glad we found Ear Gear!

Sharon Meyers

Center for Extended Care at Amherst, Amherst, MA, USA

I first became an Ear Gear Supplier and advocate after a recent Hearing Health Convention in September 2014. Upon my return back to the office, I was quick to start informing patients of the potential positive outcomes and preventative reasons to use Ear Gear. I have since seen a decrease in lost hearing instruments as well as a reduction in repair rates in patients who typically have moisture/debris issues. This not only allows me more time to see new patients, but allows patients more time enjoying their hearing aids, rather than having to send them away for repair!  Ear Gear is an affordable way to secure your investment as well as protect and prolong the life of your hearing aids!

Jessy Le Vann

Expert Hearing Solutions, Kelowna, BC Canada

We use Ear Gear to promote safety with the hearing aids! To protect them from moisture/sweat/dirt and to aid in retention for these busy children.  We also suggest Ear Gear our adults who sweat a lot.

Allison Stevenson

South Windsor Hearing Centre, Windsor, ON Canada

Ear Gear helps the investment made by our patients (their hearing aids) last longer and continue to work efficiently, since moisture is a BIG issue in a state like Florida.   In addition, it helps to protect from dust and debris and many patients improves the FIT of the hearing aids!

Dr. Jagadish Swamy

Clear Sound Audiology, Gainesville, FL, USA

Michelle Jones

Pro Active Hearing, Roswell , New Mexico

Ear Gear serves two main benefits in our offices.  We use Ear Gear for most of our patients during summer months that work outdoors.  We also use Ear Gear corded on almost 90% of our nursing home patients.  We prefer the corded option to keep from losing the hearing aids, but the Social Service Directors in the facilities have even started recommending the Corded Ear Gear upon admission.  

Janette Call

Better Hearing Solutions, Perryville MO

I have sold Ear Gear for many years and can say they are superb at keeping clients' hearings aids clean and dry. The ability to put them on and off is very easy for wearers, they’re comfortable and do not affect the acoustic performance of the hearing aids negatively. I love the option to add a pop of color to clients' hearing aids with these as well!

Dina Zeevi, LHIS

Louisiana, USA

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