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Our Mission is to help every person with hearing loss to live their life to the fullest.

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Ear Gear has been supporting the hearing loss community for over 18 years.

We know how important hearing instruments are - they literally give us one of our senses back. They allow us to be present in conversations, to hear the birds in the air and the water in the stream.

We also know the anxiety that comes with owning a hearing instrument. The fear of hearing aid loss or damage can be just as frustrating as the hearing loss itself.

Ear Gear is the best solution to calm those fears.

With consistently high 5-star reviews from our customers, Ear Gear is the leading provider of hearing aid accessories that protect hearing devices from sweat, dirt, moisture, loss, and wind without sacrificing comfort and sound quality.

Our products are designed for every brand and model of hearing device. Plus, they’re designed for every age group, from babies to seniors and everyone in between. In fact, leading audiologists conducted an independent survey of nearly 300 parents with young children, and Ear Gear was rated the #1 hearing instrument retention accessory for babies, toddlers, and kids. Of course, active adults and seniors love our products too!

Ear Gear Giving Back

Every year, Ear Gear donates hundreds of pairs of Ear Gear to serve mission work, charity work, events, and conferences. Through the years, we have provided free Ear Gear to thousands of individuals going through financial hardship.

If you would like to start a conversation with Ear Gear in some capacity, just fill out the form.

The First Ear Gear

Shameera was born in 1996, the second child to parents Mark and Assunta Rosal. At age 2, Shameera was diagnosed with mild to moderate hearing loss, and began wearing hearing aids soon after. For Mark and his wife, it was a battle every day to get her to wear her hearing aids.

When they turned to their audiologist for help, they found that there wasn't anything on the market to help. After giving the problem a fair bit of thought, Mark created the first pair of Ear Gear for his daughter. Ear Gear was born!

Read the Stories

The First Ear Gear The founder of Ear Gear with his daughter

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