Elgin Audiology Consultant | London, Ontario

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Elgin Audiology Consultant


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230 Victoria Street
London, Ontario, N6A 2C2

Elgin Audiology is located inside the Advanced Medical Group building, at the corner of Richmond and Victoria Streets in London! A block north of St. Joseph's Hospital. This new, state-of-the-art facility features many healthcare practitioners working together to bring you excellent care. Call 519-873-1500 to arrange an appointment. Our team of Audiologists look forward to seeing you and helping with all your hearing aid & hearing testing needs.

Elgin Audiology Consultant carries the following Ear Gear:

  • Ear Gear Rondo
  • Ear Gear Original
  • Ear Gear Coil
  • Ear Gear Baha
  • Ear Gear FM
  • Ear Gear Cochlear
  • Ear Gear ITE
  • Ear Gear Mini
  • Ear Gear Micro

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